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This was a fun event generously organised in December by Emma Callow, who sings in St Mary’s choir, to help raise funds towards the Tower Clock Restoration.

Over 80 people came to Chilham Village Hall to dance the night away in 1950s lindy hop style.

Amazing clothes and shoes echoing the period, both men and women! Hair and makeup were beautifully styled, and terrific dancing.  Have a look at the video to see how it went!!

It was apparent everyone was having a great time and a great bunch of people.

Emma and friends had also danced in the church that week for the Christmas Tree Festival.

Their event raised £870 towards the clock restoration fund – a great contribution.

We can highly recommend everyone come along if they ever hold another one; you will really enjoy yourself.


BY THE WAY…………..

They had also danced their way up The Mall as part of the parade for the late Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in 2022. It takes some stamina to do that!

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