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Project Update: Restoration of the Tower Clock

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We are delighted to bring you the latest update on the restoration of the Tower clock. Thanks to the efforts of The Cumbria Clock Company, significant progress has been made in restoring this historic timepiece to its former glory.

Clock Mechanism Restoration

The Cumbria Clock Company has successfully stripped and completely restored the ancient clock mechanism, ensuring every component functions as intended. We are pleased to share a time-lapse video of the reassembly process, allowing you all to witness the intricate work that goes into such a meticulous restoration. This video is a testament to the clockmakers' skills and a fascinating glimpse into the mechanics of a bygone era.

Clock Now Running

We are delighted to announce that the mechanism is now fully operational and electrically wound, but it is not yet chiming, as work on the clock face needs to be completed first.

Experts abseiling down the church tower.

Clock Face Renovation

On behalf of Cumbria Clocks, specialists set up ropes that enabled workers to abseil from the tower down to access the clock face. The clock face has been carefully stripped in preparation for its next phase of transformation. Once the treatment of the dial face has dried completely, gold leaf numerals will be reapplied to the clock face.

Photographic Documentation

We have continued to document each step throughout the process. New photographs of the abseiling and restoration work will be available on our website and displayed in the church. We

Clock hands being restored

also have photos of the construction of the replacement wooden mechanism housing by Gorden Coldwell, which we will display.

We are moving closer to seeing our historic clock not only tell time again but do so thanks to your ongoing support and enthusiasm for this project, which helped make all this possible. Please continue to follow our updates, participate in upcoming fundraising events, and share our journey with others.

For those who wish to contribute, remember that donations can be made via PayPal through our website or directly to The Friends’ bank account. Every contribution brings us one step closer to completing this project.

Thank you once again for your incredible support. We look forward to celebrating the fully restored clock with you all soon.

Friends of St Mary's Chilham

The restored clock face

The Project supporters

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