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Update: St Mary’s Tower Clock Restoration

Updated: May 22

Update: Replacement Wooden Casing for the Mechanism

Gordon Coldwell of GC Interiors has been diligently crafting the new Sapele wood casing for the clock mechanism in the bell tower. The photos illustrate how this new casing is built around the clockworks, providing comprehensive protection. It features a door for easy inspection and maintenance of the mechanism. Previously, the clock mechanism was housed in a small, worn-out casing with a cramped entrance that required crawling through to wind the clock.

Gordon constructed the new casing in his well-equipped workshop and transported it piece by piece up the narrow tower staircase to its final position—a challenging task indeed. This new casing is a significant improvement over the previous one in both appearance and construction. Gordon’s exceptional craftsmanship is evident in the photos. He is now completing the final additions in preparation for Cumbria Clocks to attach the clock face, hands, and winding mechanism.

You can see all the photographs at the clock restoration gallery.

See you soon with the next exciting update!

Friends of St Mary's Chilham

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